Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Stories inspired by old photos

The teams of teachers in the four partner schools proposed several photos that represented the seven topics that the students were going to work on: city life, school, economic activity, family life, free time, food and migration. Then they voted in order to choose the ones they considered the best.
After that, students wrote a short story inspired by the photo they had been assigned. One story per topic was chosen in each country, and then they were uploaded to the project blog so that they were available for every student.

Estos días nuestros alumnos han estado escribiendo sus historias inspiradas en las fotos antiguas que previamente habíamos seleccionado.

Stories inspired by old photos: Migration

     Everyday, on Tv we see the terrible fate migrant people are confronted to everywhere in the world. I remember having watched a documentary that suprised me : I see men and women ready to sacrifice their lives for a better future.They pay on outragoeus amourent of money to booad a poor boat in which they riste their lives. They are crowded all together in little crafts in awful conditions.Since these trips are illegal as soon as awthorities see them, they send them boste to their homeland withour further consideration.


     I look at this photo and … like a magic … I come inside it … The Second world war came to an end  and John,  a seventeen years old orphan,  spent most of his time at the station playing the guitar to gain some  money.  He  didn’t  know  what to do in the future. One day, just at the station, he met Joseph, who told  him his sad story. He decided to leave hoping to have a better future. Both of them loved  music, he played  harmonica.
     At a certain time they heard someone crying.  A boy felt down on the rails and the train was arriving. John and Joseph  ran faster than they could save him. The two young guys became friends.
     After some months they met in Berlin ,they  became musicians and helped  young people who dreamt  a better life.


     These people are at a railway station. They seem to be having a party. It is 1952 and they are going somewhere to look for a job. They are very happy because they believe that they will find a better life in the country or town they are going to.  There are not any women. There is a person playing the guitar and smoking a pipe. On his left, next to the train, there is a man carrying a suitcase. There are a lot of people.
     Some of them could find a job and worked there for some years, but others couldn’t. These people who couldn’t get a job felt sad and disappointed.

Berta Gómez


The grandfather
     It was the 10th of november 1989. Finn – a gifted guitar player – had not expected such a rush. He stood at the Frankfurt main station and saw a very large group of people coming closer. Some with only one or two backpacks – coming from the GDR. To search their fortune in the western side of Germany. Some with little childs in their arms who are still too small to walk. Finn was there to pick up his grandfather Heinz. But it was impossible to find him between all these people. Just at this moment he saw him! Not his grandfather, he saw a young man with a guitar on his back. Hew went to him and knew intuitively what to do – he had to play the guitar. He asked the young man: „Can I have the guitar, I want to play it?“ „Yes sure! I got it from an older man. Hew told me to give it to the first man who asks you.“ Was this guy his grandfather, he asked himself. Or just a coincidence. He looked for a place where he can play and thought about the right song. He decided that „Sonderzug nach Pankow“ from Udo Lindenberg is the perfect song for this day - but not the normel version, the special one: „Sonderzug aus Pankow“. He played the first chords and started singing: „Entschuldigen Sie, ist das der Sonderzug aus Pankow...“. All heads turned to him, including the one of an older man, with the same eyecolour as Finn. And this man laughed. Finn knew immediately it was his grandfather...

Stories inspired by old photos: Free time

When I was in primary school;during the first,second and third grades, my friends and I used to play cards while boys prefered kicking the ball. During lunch break, we had fun together and we used to run , laugh and just be really happy.
      Now in middle-schol, girls enjoy chatting, talking about their daily lives and feelings. Sports out of school are quite time-consuming. Boys, however, have not changed since the primary!
      We tell ourselves that in a few years, when we will be in high-school, we will be more mature but our hobbies will remain the same. We will keep on practising sports and talking together.

Léane Quennet / Clara Cousin / Chiara Ibres

     I still remember that sunny afternoon when staying at home was quite impossible.
I called my friends and we didn’t know what to do … when suddenly I had a fun  idea! Why not invent a new game ?
     We went to the school courtyard and we found some little stones along the pavements, which were the remains of an old wall. We decided to bring a shoelace and a little piece of wood. We tied both end point of the shoelace to the piece of  wood . We picked up many little stones and we played to “The fastest stone“
It was a very amusing afternoon!

Giorgio Mollica / Alessia Ruscica

     In the picture there are some children playing marbles in a street of what I think is a village, as the road is unpaved and there is a very old fence. The picture must be old, because children nowadays don’t wear that kind of clothes.
     Today, children don’t play marbles or hide-and-seek in the street. They stay at home instead, playing with their consoles or chatting in the social networks.
     It’s a pity that children don’t know how to enjoy themselves the way their parents, or even grandparents, used to do, when they stayed out late playing in the street and then returned home, their clothes covered with dust and dirt, and consequently were given a dressing-down by their parents.
     I believe that children would grow up better playing in the street with a ball than staying at home watching a smartphone or TV screen.

Nadya Sergeeva


The Light in the darkness

Hope.  I think that´s the reason why we all are here. We hope, that our lifes will be like they were once. Before the war .We lost so much. He promised it. He promised me that he´ll come back. And god damn it I believed him. I really thought that he won`t leave me. I mean he never broke a promise before. And he never will again… I remember the first day I met him. For me it feels like it happened yesterday, but in reality it was years ago. I think we were about 7 years old… I went home alone. Like I usually did. I didn`t wanted to play with the other kids. I heard them laugh ,scream and talk but I never was a part of all this. Because I thought that I would in the end lose them all. Like I lost my mother. I still couldn`t believe that she died. She always seemed so healthy and full of live…I wanted her back. I missed her. I missed it how she always was there for me. How she learned with me for my class tests .I even missed it how she always remembered me to do my homework. I really wanted to cry but my face stayed emotionless. I don’t want friends I don’t need some that was what I told myself. I loved reading,. The world that books showed me were so amazing. The stories told about heroes, love, fights, kindness, brave people, how dreams come true, a better world and about justice…,Hello !” I suddenly heard a happy voice. I turned around and saw a boy who was about 7 years old, like me. ,, My name is Nate! And what`s your name?” I didn´t answer… I was confused. Why does he talk to me ? I asked myself usually the other kids just ignore me.,, So you don`t talk much do you?” he asked me still smiling. ,, You are always alone so I thought that you might need a friend…”he said. I looked at him usually I just would say that I want to be alone, but his eyes were full of hope I couldn`t say that. ,, Do you want to walk with me together home I am new here so I need a friend too.” I nodded I didn’t know why .,,May” I said. ,, that´s my name.” ,, Okay May do you want to play with me? We could play right here on the street!.” He said with a smile on his face. We both forgot that we had to go home for us that fact didn’t matter. So we started playing our stupid games. I think we played that he was a hero and I the evil one and we were fighting or something like that. The other people who saw us were just smiling. For them we were just children who are playing on a street. From that day we were friends. I never thought that I could be so happy without Mom. I started to get more friend at least we were about 5 kids. Nate, Louis ,Lionel, Nick and I. We played everyday at the same place on a street we sat on the ground imagend that we were heroes, safed the world or fight against the dark or we just told each other stories while we sat on the street. We were a good team. Well, we got older. And we went to different schools. But we still were friends. We met each other at the same place like years ago. But not as often as we did when we were kids. And at least we stopped meeting each other. Sometimes I asked myself what happened to them. We all started life our own lives like it sometimes happens when kids grow up. But I still went to the place where we played when we were kids. It never changed. It was still the long street full of familiar noises. And one day something unexpected happened. I stood at “our” place and smiled in memory of my childhood. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. ,, May!” A boy with a familiar face screamed and then I realized it : It was Nate. I nearly cried I never thought that I would see him again. I never said Thank you to him , he safed me from my sadness and loneliness he pulled me out of the dark and showed me the light of this world. He showed me how beautiful our world can be. And because of him I learned that even if everything goes wrong we just have to believe in our dreams and that we never should give up. I know that sounds like an cliché Disney-film message but it is the truth. He ran across the street and hugged me. I hugged him back. We stood a while like this at this place. I remember that it started to snow it was like in one of my books. Minutes or maybe hours past and we stood there. For me the time stopped. Then we looked in each other faces .And he let me go. ,,I missed you so much, May.” He said. He looked older now not like a child anymore but he still was Nate Waies the boy who I meet so much years ago. ,,I missed you too “ I whisperd with tears in my eyes. I saw an old man with his wife walking down the street he pointed at us and said to his wife ,,young love, we were like this to when we were young you remember , darling?” they walked on. Love? Well we might really looked like we are in a relationship….. But that doesn’t matter. At least I got my best friend back. ,, Lets go to a café shop ! I know a very good one near this place.” I nodded and went with him. Like on the first day we met. We walked through the streets till we arrived a cute looking café shop. We got inside and looked for a table, I still know how it looked : at one table a boy with black hair and an eyepatch talked to a blond guy ,on another sat a man with black hair and an emotionless face together with a guy with green eyes and brown hair and a black haired girl. At the table next to them sat a black haired guy with purple contact lenes a brown haired guy a girl with pink hair and a little girl in a wheel chair. In a corner sat two guys one with messy hair he, sat in a weird way on his chair and ate some cake and a boy with brown hair who had a blak note book in his hands. The whole atmosphere was very nice and friendly. ,, So May tell me what happened in the last 3 years and don`t say nothing !” He said with a big smile on his face. We started to meet each other more often and soon we were best friends again. Till this evening. We sat together in a restaurant we talked about a lot of things… And then he suddenly said,, May , I love you” he looked shocked of himself ,,I … I didn`t …you don`t have to…I..” he stuttered. I smiled ,,I love you to Nate “ , I said. ,,I..” he wanted to say something but I didn`t let him finish his sentence ,,Shut up and kiss me” I said and he kissed me. I wish it would be like in one of my books that we lived a happily ever after and the end. But it wasn’t like that. Yeah we argued sometimes yes we sometimes almost broke up with each other but that wasn`t the matter. That are problems we all have at least we were not Like the persons in my books. We were just humans. It was our live. Maybe we were not always perfect but we stuck together. We loved each other. And at least we went through all this problems after a down always came an up and we lived our live. And we were happy. But then the war started. In the news we heard it every day. 132 deaths .200. 345. 562. And they got more and more. But we felt safe, safe from all of this. But on a terrible day . I just came back from the university I went into our flat , Nates and mine, and found him with a sad look on his face. ,,May .”,he said. ,, I am so sorry. I have to go to the military .” I was shocked. Then I hugged him and started crying into his shirt. We hold each other in our arms for hours. We both know that he could die. And that there is nothing we could do about it. Days past and then the day came on that he had to go. ,,I`ll comeback. I promise you I’ll comeback. I love you !” he said” he said. ,,I love you to Nate.” He got on the solider bus. ;; and never forget Don`t give up. This world is to beautiful to be sad and ignore this fact. There is always a Light in the dark.” And then he was gone. In the weeks that past without a message from him were like hell to me . And in the end I was right. I never saw him again. After weeks a letter arrived: Dear miss Bright I am afraid I have to tell you that Mr .Waise died on the battle field. We are.. I didn’t read on . I burned the letter. And then I cried. That was my story with Nate Waise. And it all begun with 4 boy and one girl who were sitting on a street and got friends. If happy ever afters did exsist then nothing of these things would happen. All these fairytails are full of shit. It was great maybe the best times of my life. Now I am in the street where it all begun. My eyes are full of tears. I looked up from the ground but what I see surprise me. A few children, 4 boys sat at our old place deep in their games. They laugh, scream and talk. They look like us sitting on the street. Smiling . Argue. I wonder what happened to Louise Lionel and Nick. I miss Nate very much. But when I look at these kids I know that this is notan end this is just a beginning . Maybe I lost one of the importainest persons in my life. But I shouldn’t care about what I lost. I learned something from him. That There is always a light in the dark. That is the last thing he said to me. And it is the truth there is always a reason to smile. I think he kind of changed me. When I met him I was a shy little girl hurt from this big bad world. I look back to the children they have luck. I am sure that their stories will go on. For them life will be an adventure. Maybe they`ll change the world or just one person. Like Nate changed me. But their stories will start like ours: children who are playing on a street.

Louiza Laout

Stories inspired by old photos: City


     When I see this picture I think of the evolution of cities over time because I got to visit several cities and see a great number of ancient constructions.
     When I travel, I am always bewildered by these edifices that are sometimes neglected but, to me, remain magnificient despite the passage of time thus, I still have in mind the Alyscamps in Arles : this is a ancient cemetery dating back from romain times this place was so quiet, it suprised me as much as it seared me, we were confronted to the issue of death .
     Even if I grow up, I remain a little contemplive and dreaming girl with stars in her eyes.

Eva,Clarisse et Marina


     I looked at this photo and I saw a desolated land and I imagined  how that boy should feel that day when he came up the hill where he usually admired a marvellous  view from the town …
… while I was playing outside with my students, my mom called me and she told me to come back home. Soon after we heard an explosion and the alarm bell and we ran away.
     We took refuge in the cellar and we went out after two days. All around us there was only death and destruction. We joined the place and we started looking for my grand-parents who didn’t succeed in joining us to the cellar. At a certain moment I saw my parents crying uninterruptedly. My grandparents died.
     Just a few façades of some houses, banks and schools were safe because of the bombs.
Nowadays the town was built again, but I never forget what I saw that day from the hill!

Franco Greco


     I see a city where there are no people, all the buildings in the picture are destroyed. I don’t know how this could have happened, it could have been a bomb or an earthquake. I see a sad and uninhabited town. This picture gives me a feeling of sadness because everything is destroyed. It looks like a sunny day, but in spite of the bright sunlight, I am sure that all the families are sad because they don’t have a home anymore.

Lucía Martín


It´s dark. I hear soft music playing. I feel a little tired. I´m drifting... Suddenly loud banging! All around me...
Where am I? Who am I? I´m Jeannie May, born in Frankfurt. Basically all my family is from this town. Okay...I can get this right! Now I feel better again. Hey, it´s bright now. I can feel a little wind and I´m getting cold. I open my eyes and see the sky above me. There´s a reddish-brown brick wall in front of me. I´m leaning against that kind of stone too. All of a sudden the friendly face of a young woman appears right next to me. Behind her there are three more people. The young people are all smiling and holding the tipical “Apfelwein (cidre) glases“ in their hands.
The woman asks if I´m alright and I nod. She looks kind of familiar but I can´t remember having met her before. She tells me that she and her friends are having one of their special little parties up here with their friend, the guard of the tower of the Dom (the cathedral in Frankfurt). She points to one of the young men.
Up here? Dom? I get up and try to catch my breath: I´m 66m high up on the huge cathedral! I´ve been here before...but: it looks so different! Oh my god: everything is destroyed, not many houses left at all, piles of bricks and stone everywhere! Only parts of our Town Hall „the Römer“ and the beautiful church St. Nikolai are still uprightAnd where are all the skyscrapers?
The view reminds me of one of the black and white pictures I saw in one of the museums I went to visit with my school class not long ago.
The woman stands right next to me, sighing. „It´s a big shame, isn´t it? Everything is destroyed. What fun did we have playing and strolling in the old streets down there. But what can you do? The most important thing is that we got finally rid of that idiot Hitler, that we are alive and that we´ll have peace! And look: everyone is helping to clean up and surely one day it will be all rebuild. Wouldn´t that be wonderful? I think you should go back down to your family now. We don´t want them worrying, do we?“ She points to a small door and the stairs leading downstairs. I nod and say good bye.
On my way down, I keep thinking I heard someone mention beeing friends with the tower guard before...Was it my granny while telling me stories about the old times? Did she tell me about my great-grandmother meeting friends on the tower of the Dom...? If I could just remember... Soon I master the last stairs of the 328 and here I am: I feel again like standing in one of these old pictures, showing Frankfurt´s Römerberg shortly after the big bombing on the 22nd of March in the year 1944.The people, mostly women are dressed differently too...really old fashioned and quite poorly.
Suddenly a girl touches my arm. She`s smiling at me. She´s about my age and asks if I would like to play hipscotch. I see the little squares with numbers drawn on the ground behind her.
Why not? After a while of playing and jumping, she asks me if I would like to accompany her to the „Schuhmann Theatre“ where her grandfather was working. She wants to bring him his lunch, as every day.
„Schuhmann Theatre“...? The name of that place sounds familiar again...didn`t my granny mention that her parents met there while dancing, shortly after the war..? I agree coming along and we start walking through what is left of downtown Frankfurt. When we pass the remains of the old Opera House, the girl tells me about the horrible day when the bombs fell
on the beautiful old building everybody liked so much. Hundreds of „Frankfurters“ were standing there after the alarm was off, holding hands, crying, sadly watching another part of their hometown going up in flames.
After a short walk we reach the theatre, a wonderful old building facing the Main Station. We go to the ticket booth where the girl´s granddad is working, selling tickets. She hands him his lunch box and the friendly old man thanks us happily. We go back direction Dom when I realize that it´s getting dark already. When we reach the Römerberg I am surprised to see a big Christmas Tree standing in front of the ruins of the Town Hall.
There are also some food stands and a merry-go-round for the children. The girl takes my hand and tells me that she is so happy that the people of Frankfurt achieved to organize a small version of their famous Christmas Market so shortly after all the many horrors of the war “Doesn´t this make you happy and gives you hope for the future?“, she asks me. After that she has to go and we´re saying good bye. start walking towards the river Main. I sit down on a stone after a while I´m getting tired. I close my Music...I hear soft tunes again... Suddenly somebody shakes my shoulder..Lights turn on...I open my eyes and see friend Hanna
smiling and laughing at me for falling asleep in the cinema,watching the new 3D movie about the reconstruction of the old part of Frankfurt located between Dom and Römerberg.

Jeannie May Jedzini

Stories inspired by old photos: Food


     This picture reminds me of Christmas holidays because during these days people cook delicious meals : oysters, turkey (some even eat raclette). There is plenty to eat, especially for desert . Indeed, there are Yule logs and lots of fine chocolate. It is really very greedy in the family !
     The days after Christmas eve comes the best part of it: Yule log leftovers  and stockings stuffed with chocolates... For New Year's eve, my parents buy food in a delicatessen and it's wonderful.

Valentine Mage et Ryan Jouan


     I looked at this photo and I thought of the stories I’ve always heard in my family when after the second world war there was a great economic crisis. Italian citizens were very poor and their families didn’t have nothing to eat. So they went to the church to get food, above all bread.
     But yesterday’ s history is also today’s history. Nowadays, many people coming from other countries, arrive. We see images where people are waiting for their turn to pick up dress and food . They are escaping from their countries because of wars.
I would like to realize that I am very lucky because I have what I need and for this reason I want to share what I have with people escaping from war who wants to have a better future.
     It’s important not to forget the past in order to have a better future!

Giulia Criscione


     You can see this picture is old because of the clothes they are wearing and the policeman at the door. I think it was taken after the Spanish Civil War, a time when people were very poor and they had to make a queue to get something to eat. This image makes me think of poverty, inequality, death, flour, war, social classes, elegance, confrontation, suffering, children, the rich, the poor, food, “high heels in hard times”, working class, banquets, the Church, ancestors, long journeys, emigration…
     It also makes me think of all those families who had to separate, all the people who died and all the suffering. I can see all those social differences, the woman wearing that dress and high heels and the man behind her…
     It makes me think of all that those people have been through, the ones on the right and the ones on the left. I think of their cities destroyed, I think of dictatorships, that made them emigrate, run away from their own country.

Irene Rubio


It was a warm day in Italy. When Sofia wake up the sun was shining. She got dressed and walked through the streets. The school, the bakery, the butcher and many other houses were destroyed, because a few days ago there was a big earthquake. Sofia was happy, because the house of her family wasn’t destroyed.
Today she walked to the baker. His house with the bakery was assembled yesterday by some volunteer workers so he can bake bread again. This morning her family received a message that everybody can go to his shop and get some bread for free for the family. As she was there she saw the long queue and got to the end. They went very slowly to the door, but they could talk to each other to get news after the disaster. When she was near the door she saw the mayor and his assistant. The mayor gave everybody one bread. Next to the assistant stood a policeman, who looked very strict and watched the people very hostile. Now Sofia was in the front.
The mayor gave her the bread and said: “Oh Miss Sofia, what a nice dress on this sunny day after the earthquake. How are you?” “I’m fine, thank you. And thank you for the bread,” Sofia said. The mayor answered: “You’re welcome.” Sofia walked back to her house. She was happy that her family doesn’t have to be hungry this evening. She prepared lunch and when her husband and the children came home from the building lots they ate some bread. “I have to go and help to assemble the houses,” her husband told her. “But, what is if there is a second earthquake? I don’t
want you to go,” Sofia answered. Her husband said: “If I’m in here it wouldn’t be better. The earthquake will be here too and it is not sure that our house won’t be destroyed next time. I would like to help our neighbours. ” Sofia answered: “You’re right. It’s better when you help the others to assemble their houses. But be careful. The houses can fall in.” “Sure dear. See you later,” he said and went out. The whole day Sofia washed clothes, did the dishes and cleaned the house, but the whole time
she was very nervous. Her children played in the streets with the children of the neighbours and were happy and her husband helped at the building lots. In the evening her husband came home. Together the family ate for dinner and all were happy that there was no second earthquake. After dinner they got to bed. It was a nice day and Sofia and her husband decided to help other families tomorrow again.

Helen Romanski

Stories inspired by old photos: School

     In the first grade, I remember having been on a school trip on the island of Oléron. I was happy to take my snack after 30 minutes of walk and 1 hour during which I discovered the city. Suddenly, I couldn't chew and my tooth fell. It was fun to see both disgust on my schoolmates' faces and smiles from my teachers. Once I got back to our accomodation, my tooth fell in the sewers. I cried all my tears when suddenly my teacher talked about « SOS tooth on distress » I believed of a tooth fairy (we call it « the little mouse » in French). I believed with all my heart because I really wanted my money !!! Then I could get to sleep despite all my worries. And in the morning... I got my penny !

Chaymae. El
Lisa. G
Tiffany-Luna. S-B

     One day, at school, math lesson had just started…. but my mind flied away…
… my teacher realized that Andrew, Angel and I weren’t listening to  his lesson, so he reproached us and we received a sanction .
We felt it was an injustice and so we decided to escape from school. We started running, but Mister Piero saw us. Angelo and Andrew came back to the classroom, instead I escaped from the emergency door and I ran till I arrived to a marvelous park full of flowers and as I was very tired  I laid down. I was blinded by the sun … many birds were flying so happy…. But,  the bell rang and…  I was still in my classroom…

Caprini Serena
Tiffany Miraglia
Alessio Fortuna
Contarini Sefania

     I can see three kids who are learning something. I think they are at school, but there is one boy who is not paying attention to the teacher. He is distracted, looking at the clock on the wall, possibly because he wants to know how much time is left for the end of the lesson. I don’t know in which country they live. There are some pictures on the wall which I can’t see clearly but I’m sure they have been drawn by these kids. They are sitting on chairs and there is a table in front of each kid which seems to be entirely made of wood. There is a big cupboard, possibly with some books inside. This photo shows me the importance of learning so that we can have a better life in the future.

Lucas Chávez  


A boring school lesson in year 1978
“How long does it still take?”, thought the boy who looks up to the clock, ”Well, just look at her awful ponytail! And how boring the lessons are! Oh my goodness! Now it’s eleven twenty-four! And I have to endure thirty-five more minutes!” “Nico, listen to my lesson or you’ll never learn something! If you listen, you’ll be able never to write a six in this subject!”, cried the teacher. “Oh my God, Cry-woman! Does she can continue the lesson without crying?”, Nico thought. So he said bold: Miss, I could listen to your lesson forever if you never cry again!” “Nico, what do you want to say? If you always want to annoy me you could sit over here next to Phillip!”, said the teacher with a bit crying. “Are all woman Tussen? If not, then just she is the world wide biggest and of course annoying art of Tussi!”, imagined Nico. Just when he was dreaming, the teacher asked him very angry:“ Nico? What did I said?” “I don’t know, but I think you said: rubbish, all rubbish!”, told Nico The whole class laughed. “Silent!”, cried the teacher,“ Can you repeat, please?” “I think you said: rubbish, all rubbish!”, told him Nico scared. “How do you know that? I said it so quiet that nobody could hear it! Even the first row couldn’t hear it!!!” “Well, I’ve got good ears!”; told her Nico happy. Drring…, Drring…, Drring… “Break!”

Ruilai Li

Stories inspired by old photos: Economic activity

I remember this sunny and hot summer day when my brother, mom and I went to the market for a walk. We were in Biscarosse. There was a fat lady from Africa. She had braids that were tied by a pink band. She owned a little place where we could get our hair done and I desperately wanted to go in. I desired braids on the left side of my head only. I begged but my mother wouldn't let me. Five minutes later, she eventually agreed. I was in heaven ! Once I got my hair done, I was the happiest girl in the world.


     Looking at this photo I remember that day when my mother told me to go to the street market to buy some fruit and vegetables. After having bought each product of the list, I wandered about the market. At a certain moment I heard a young woman who cried while selling the fish. I was attracted by her voice and as I loved fish so much and as I am very curious I got closer to her fish stand. There was each kind of fish! But two fishes I’ve never seen before attracted my attention! The woman answered me there were two trouts and that they were very tasty. I decided  to  buy  two trouts even if my  mother hadn’t told me to buy some fish! The woman explained me how to cook them. I cooked them, then I layed the table and when my family arrived they were very happy. That day I discovered I loved cooking!

Cristiano Greco


     This picture tells me that the woman is selling fish to pay the rent or to feed her children. I can also guess that the costumer has a family. The picture also tells me that in this town there is an important commercial activity, a lot of markets and inhabitants, so it must be a noisy place.
     I think, as I look at the picture, that this society is male chauvinist because I can only see women working. It reminds me of an Asian country, like India, for example. By the woman’s face I can guess that they work a lot, she looks as if she was in pain, as if her bones were aching. The people in the picture are mostly old or middle-aged. I think all the commercial activity of this town is based on consumer products and craftwork.
     Trade gives me a feeling of freedom, because you can choose if you want to buy or sell and besides, is very familiar to me, as you can see it everywhere you go. 

Álvaro Sánchez


     This story happened in a small town in France at the Atlantic Coast. The lady in the picture is the wife of a fisherman who made a big catch of sardines last night. So, when the fisherman´s wife came to the port this morning she was so happy to see him with the big catch. But then, the lady had a problem. She didn´t know how to transport all the sardines to the market. But she tried and made it quite good. Before she sold the fish on the market, she bought some ice to cool all the fish during the warm day. The lady hoped to sell all the fish, because she needed the money to pay the doctor who looked after her sick daughter. The photo was taken when the mayors son came to the market and bought two kilos of sardines. The lady was very excited, because nobody before him bought two kilos fish. But she didn´t know that sardines were the son´s favourite dish. The rest of the day was also very good, she sold all the fish. She only kept twelve sardines to make dinner for her husband, her daughter
and herself.

Lennart Wieck

Stories inspired by old photos: Family


     When I was a little girl, I lived in town with my grandparents. My parents were very young and had to travel far away for their studies. I could see them during week-ends only. I loved my grandmother a lot, she who was so thoughtful and kind to me. A dog and four cats lived in the house. My grandmother tried to please me and spoil me as much as she could. My grandfather was very mocking and he loved fishing and hunting. Now I go fishing with him. I loved spending time with them ! I keep a wonderful memory of these days. I am glad each time I see  them but the occasions are less frequent these days.

Aurore Caumont
Aurélie Paulay
Luce Faget
Elisa Baqué


     I observe this photo and I see that the grandmother’s face shows affection for her granddaughter and the child has a smile on her face which emanates an incredible happiness. I feel their emotion, an emotion you cannot describe. These moments are very important and they  are very useful for life above all for children life.
It’s fantastic to have a grandmother like that one with whom sharing beautiful and bad moments, important and less important events. With her you can share happy  and sad moments, hugs and kisses .She understands if you are sad or happy only with a glance. With your grandmom you  cannot have a secret, she protects you from lies and illusions.


     I see a boy who after school goes to his grandmother’s home to have lunch with her. His grandmother is a very old woman. She asks him how he is doing at school and what he has learned that day. After lunch, the boy shows her the pictures he has painted about his family, his friends…
     And all this reminds me when I visit my grandmother and she tells me stories of her childhood, what she used to play, what she learned at school, what she did with her grandmother, which is very similar to what she does with her own grandaughter now.
     And this boy loves spending time with his grandmother because she tells him about the games she used to play, and then he plays these games with his friends. Sometimes, he brings his best friend with him and they listen to his grandmother’s wonderful and funny stories.

Salma Ben Daouch


I still remember my last day with her…
Though I knew that her time was limited I didn’t expect it to come that fast. At that time I thought I could stop it – how stupid! I don’t see my Grandma very often that’s why I was so excited to see her that day…her last day. When she opened the door she still looked so agile and happy. We played cards and I helped her in the kitchen. It was a wonderful day and we both enjoyed it very much. One wouldn’t expect her to be so old, especially when she was laughing. Then she really looked like a young girl. I begged my mom to stay overnight but she denied because the next day she had to work. So we drove home. At home I was staying awake quite long because of being so sad to have left her. At some time at night I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I remember was the phone ringing unusually early in the morning. The caller submitted the message… my Grandma was dead! Difficult to express my feelings… sadness changed to anger about my mom who didn’t let me stay with her that night so I could prevent her death… Today I know that I couldn’t do anything against it and that nobody was guilty of her death. It comes when it has to come. My Grandma got old and had a good life and nothing wouldn’t have changed if we stayed that night. I hope we’ll see each other one day again!

Lisa Fiedler